Skip Hop: Modern Bags & Nursery Accessories

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Store History

  • Founded: 2003
  • Founded by: Ellen and Michael Diamant
  • Headquarters: New York, NY

We love products and we love parenting. Seriously. We eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. By putting our passion into these two pursuits, we create unique, innovative and highly functional products that make parenting easier, better and more fun. Based in New York City, Skip Hop is sold the world-over to discerning parents who appreciate better products that help improve their busy lives.

After spotting these Zoo Backpacks all over New York City for the past three months, we decided it was finally time to add Skip*Hop to our store directory. Founded 8 years ago by Ellen and Michael Diamant, Skip Hop's built itself into a leader in the children's design market.

Their specialty is bags, and they made a name for themselves by designing diaper bags that look more like purses or messenger bags than the traditional clunky carry-all. The Duo Diaper Bag was their breakthrough product, and it's still a best-seller with multiple spin-offs.

Since the Duo Bag, Skip Hop's expanded into lunchboxes, backpacks, and nursery decor. They make those interlocking foam tile rugs you often see in children's catalogs, and they produce popular soft-sided storage bins sold through major nursery retailers.

You can find Skip Hop products in large chain stores like Target and the Land of Nod, or you can buy directly from the company via their online shop.

Zoo Bookends, $35 and Zoo Backpacks, $20
Duo Deluxe Edition Diaper Bag, $54
City Chic Diaper Bag, $99
Central Park Outdoor Blanket and Cooler Bag, $45
Playspot Interlocking Foam Tiles, $79