South of Market

Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 1999
  • Founded by: Kay Douglass
  • Headquarters: Atlanta

South of Market “opened shop” in Atlanta ten years ago when interior designer, Kay Douglass, went on a shopping trip to France and returned with more furnishings than she could house. She then decided to find a space to sell her excess wares and, thus, South of Market came into existence. Since its conception, the hunt is ongoing for the rare, the beautiful and the can’t live without. Today, South of Market has stores located in Atlanta and Charleston. Each is overflowing with antiques sourced from France and Belgium, re-purposed objects, upholstery, and a large selection of light fixtures including iron sconces, chandeliers, industrial pendants and custom made basket lights. The South of Market aesthetic is clean, rustic, unique and sophisticated. It is ever-evolving.

When we hear the word "antiques" many of us imagine ornate Victorian pieces that provide few of the functional and stylistic needs of the typical urban dweller. South of Market offers a select group of antique furniture and fixtures hand-picked from locations around the globe to suit today's tastes.

Chipped paint is celebrated and patina reigns king, offering that authentic vintage look without making any compromises. Because the stock is truly one-of-a-kind, prices are higher than many retailers, but for a special accent this is the place to look.

South of Market has locations in Atlanta and Charleston along with plenty of items available online.

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