Specific: ½ Gallery & ½ Furniture Store

Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: February 2010
  • Founded by: Brooks Hudson Thomas
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Brooks knew that if he opened a new gallery or store, it had to be very unique and spectacular. He created Specific and decided to keep a fluid and flexible model with both a gallery and store setting. Specific stages exhibitions of new work by artists, designers, and architects, which keeps the space constantly evolving.

The first time I walked into Specific I was immediately intrigued by the design installations in the lower loft gallery. The original Jamison Carter designs and the Workstead light fixtures had the presence of fine art in a Manhattan gallery. The owner of Specific, Brooks Hudson Thomas, was beaming with joy as he explained his concept for the curated project space: ½ gallery & ½ furniture store.

Spooning (oil on panel on aluminum) by artist Susanna Maing

The exhibitions are constantly evolving and changing with new work from designers and artists. Similar to a fine gallery, Specific holds an opening reception when introducing the next gallery offering. The latest work includes the first publicly seen chair designs of TODOSOMETHING and the contemporary paintings of Los Angeles artist Susanna Maing. The equally inspiring shop features found objects such as a melted candy dispenser and descriptive and comical pins from the 1960s. Our curiosity for each item extends beyond its physical attributes and is fixated on its history and story.

Brooks' passion for emerging art and design paired with his fine art education creates for an interesting and unique shop experience. He is humbled by the increasing interest in Specific and each customer receives special attention and care. We look forward to attending Specific’s next gallery showing. Also, we suggest visiting Specific from time to time as the found object inventory is constantly updating and changing.

Images: Bethany Nauert