Sphere Designs Furniture

Sphere Designs Furniture

Feb 27, 2008

We work in Dogpatch, where there isn't much in the way of window shopping to occupy our lunch breaks. We have been known to spend those last few minutes before 1 making a quick pass through Sphere Designs, though. Located on 3rd St. at 22nd, their large showroom has a generous selection of furniture, including a clearance section that is often generously stocked with major markdowns (on our most recent visit it seemed most of the store was 50% off).

Honestly, we're still not sure what to think of this place. The prices are low (just a bit above IKEA) and we've never had to fend off over-zealous sales people (yay!), but the designs are often blatant knock-offs, which we feel kind of icky about (boo).

For now we'll continue peeking in before heading back to the grind, but we're curious - anyone out there have any experience with Sphere Designs? Please share!