Spruce Up: Upcycled Vintage Furniture

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  • Founded: April2011
  • Founded by: Matt and Ginger Summers
  • Headquarters: Cincinnati, OH

Matt and Ginger Summers created Spruce Up after their own warm and modern style that they describe as cozy with an edge. They comb antique shops and flea markets, finding, restoring, and even altering vintage items to fit their unique taste.

Ginger and Matt Summers sell their unique line of upcycled vintage furniture and accessories at their etsy store, appropriately called Spruce Up.

I hesitate to call what this Cincinnati couple do with furniture "upcycling" because it's so much more than that. As they say in their etsy profile, the couple "creates warm yet modern environments by blending styles such as mid-century modern, vintage industrial and hollywood regency."

Take that dresser in the third photo, for instance – after stripping and painting the base of the cabinet, the couple cut apart old shutters and applied them to the drawer fronts, piece by piece, to create that breathtaking herringbone pattern. And that floor lamp? It's made from an old surveyor's tripod and a vintage lamp shade! Love it!

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Images: Spruce Up