Stay Classy, San Diego: Iglooshop

Before Libertine touted their bicoastal relationship, there was Green Lady/HunterGatherer. And while these guys (Todd St. John in NY and Gary Benzel in San Diego) don't dabble in couture for Target, they do churn out an impressive amount of art and design for the home--all while squeezing in gallery exhibitions, motion graphics spots for MTV, and some teaching gigs. While Todd operates a full-on design studio in NY, Gary opened a small boutique in downtown San Diego called Iglooshop.

In addition to their own prints and office necessities, this shop is stocked with merchandise from mainly West Coast-based artists and collectives such as The Quiet Life, Commonwealth Stacks, Arkitip, and Bob Kronbauer. But our personal pick? Gary and Todd's own wood-grained Wave Print.