Stearns & Foster Mattresses

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Stearns & Foster makes one of the Rolls-Royces of the mattress world, but they are not as hard to find. Founded in 1846 by George Stearns and Seth Foster, Stearns & Foster has been about luxury since the very beginning.

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These mattresses are traditional but have integrated modern materials. They feature heavy duty inner springs, foam and memory foam layers and luxurious fabrics that allow you to experience "sumptuous comfort from the moment you lie down."

Coming with a 10 year warranty, Stearns & Foster mattress and box spring sets run between $1300 and $6000, which most under $2000.

Reviews are largely positive. Epinions gives a consistent 4-5 star review to most models and individual reviews rave. Here's a great review by MichellaBella which tells of her buying a few other cheaper mattresses before trading up. Review Center has a bunch of negative reviews however. These center very much on poor service when people wanted to return mattresses. First review below concurs.

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