Stephen Gerould: Handmade Ceramic Lamps

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Store History

  • Founded by: Stephen Gerould
  • Headquarters: Portland, OR

With warmth, candor and rustic refinement, Stephen Gerould Lamps have found an innate sense of belonging in environments of virtually every description. Each table lamp is handmade; designers may choose from a full complement of custom colors and glazes. With the clear, simple strength of a living handcraft, Stephen Gerould lamps add a beautifully subtle depth of character to the interiors they inhabit. The fluid, natural shapes of his designs are intuitive yet classic. Defying the imposed constraints of an identifiable genre, they work effortlessly between cultures—Asian, European, and American. Gerould's exceptional range of glazes offer designers a color-rich pallet, some translucent and sensitive to the clay surface--others derive their character from variables of temperature and atmosphere. His collection is eclectic, evolving, and abidingly current.

With 25 body styles and and 47 glazes, Stephen Gerould provides an endless selection of semi-custom handmade ceramic table lamp options.

Each piece is shaped by hand and then fired with glaze, not painted like in many other customizable lamp lines. The body shapes are all cylindrical with various curves, as would be expected from something thrown on a wheel. Glaze colors range from super saturated to fairly neutral, but all have a muted quality atop the natural clay material. The end result is a beautifully unique product that can work within many interior styles.