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  • Location: Austin, Texas
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To creative types, a blank piece of paper is full of potential and excitement. We imagine that to creative homeowners, an unfinished piece of furniture can have a similar effect. Luckily for Austin residents, we’ve found a furniture showroom practically bursting at the seams with potential...

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While on the surface Furniture in the Raw may seem like a lot of traditional furniture, with an open mind, this store can be a major resource for homeowners with big ideas. Full of unfinished wood furniture of all types, homeowners are bound to find something that could work in their spaces.

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While the prices aren’t exactly as cheap as say, a great vintage thrift store find, since all of these pieces are unfinished, you won’t have to spend a large amount of time sanding off that scratched or gosh-awful finish before you get to make your new purchase the piece of your dreams.
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Another great reason to visit the unfinished wood furniture store is if you’ve been on the hunt for simple yet sturdy pieces, like tabletops (which they have in all sorts of sizes) and bookshelves (waiting and ready to be integrated into your home). Of course, if you’re not the crafty type, you can purchase a piece of furniture and just pick out the finish you want, of which they offer plenty. And the best part? Most of the furniture found in this store is local to Texas and the Southern region!What do you think about unfinished wood furniture?

Is it exciting to have a blank canvas or do you prefer your furniture pre-finished? Let us know!

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