Store: NK Interiors

Los Angeles

Walking into the new NK Interiors shop on Highland, the first thing we notice is the soft lighting and enchanting French music playing. It takes a minute for our eyes to adjust and before we've even had a chance to see what this lovely little store has to offer we're utterly charmed. Looking around, the place is filled with treasures: lovely old farm tables, contemporary pottery, vintage paintings, a bit of taxidermy, a touch of mid century and somehow the smell of pine:

The store, an extension of Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe's Nickey Kehoe Interior Design, is as close to a well-edited Parisian flea market stall as we're going to get in LA. Mix in contemporary housewares that are sustainable and green and you can't help but be enchanted and inspired. Check out their vintage industrial light fixtures, simple white pottery from White Forest Pottery, tea-scented candles from Mariage Freres in Paris, French school chairs and soak in the ambiance, it goes on for days.