Sonrisa Furniture: Now Rehab Vintage

Location: online only
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Rehab Vintage (formerly Sonrisa Furniture) is the store for people who loath Interior design because they fear not being cool (you know who you are). We find TV writers fit this description - they've got the money to spend on good living but don't want people thinking they've gone soft.
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This is also where we go when the wife wants a home office with style but the hubby fears his castle looking too twee. (Sorry for the stereotype, but it's true.)

While their work desks and chairs are the best, Sonrisa also makes new furniture with more than a nod to old school. Very nice, indeed.

The pieces are all uber masculine in their look with the details of classic design. We like their The Steno arm chairs ($750) and we really like the Aluminum Lobby Collection (starting at $1350.)

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Also, their on-line store offers great accessories and toys for the home and office.

Recommended by Citysearch who says, "Clean lines and bright surfaces delight the eye inside this handsome showroom".

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