Sustainable Living: Pushing Green Design in Brooklyn - CLOSED

Store closed

As far as we are aware, this store is now closed. 8/18/08 - CB

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Another soldier in the eco army. We found Sustainable Living at the Brooklyn Designs show, where they have established themselves as one of the few retailers that are williing to go totally Eco. The results are exciting, even if you don't like what a stylistic cacophony Eco creates as a unifying principle.

What they say:

Sustainable Living is the only design store to exclusively carry the work that is developed with renewable and recycled resources without compromising aesthetic....

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These products consistently demonstrate a unique sensibility while maintaining a strong commitment to innovative, thoughtful design. The "edgy" and "imaginative" work showcased at Sustainable Living include Detroit's Co-Lab*, Los Angeles based Hauptman Products and London's Amplifier.

What we say:

The collection is "edgy" and if you pick your way through it, you will find pieces of beauty such as the biodegradable dinner set above ($18). We are not sure that we love the recycled aesthetic as much and do not love the old tire planter no matter how skillfully it is designed. We consider this a work in progress and look forward to checking in often. MGR

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