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  • Headquarters: New York, NY

sweet William is a children's clothing store located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and downtown manhattan. we carry a carefully selected collection of independent designers. our clothes are the highest quality, and made by environmentally and ethically responsible manufacturers. all our products are made from predominantly organic materials.

How sweet is sweet? This New York based kid's store has got the answer with its adorable inventory of beautifully made clothes, books, accessories and toys for boys and girls of all ages.

With locations in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan, Sweet William is one of those stores you walk into and instantly feel transported to some fantastical land. These beautiful shops are stocked with tasteful items made by independent designers and have a strong focus on products made in environmentally conscience ways.

In addition to the awesome collection of apparel that adults will wish came in their sizes, other highlights include their line of realistic looking Hansa stuffed animals, the hand knit iGolfini series of cuddle friends and these (adorable!) Manimal ankle moccasins.

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