Sweetwater Bungalows

Sweetwater Bungalows

Cambria Bold
Aug 29, 2008
Sweetwater Bungalows is a family-owned and operated company founded in 1996. Originally built as temporary housing while the family retreat was under construction, the bungalows ended up becoming permanent sleeping quarters when the family realized how peaceful, serene, and intimate they were. Thus, a company was born.

Inspired by the rustic tents still used in many national parks, Sweetwater Bungalows are unique tent cabin kits/portable housing kits. Combining innovative design with environmental awareness, the bungalows let you comfortably experience the outdoors. A substantial wood framework gives solid support, while fabric walls provide lightness and beauty throughout the day and a warm glow at night.

Available in three sizes, the bungalow kits have a variety of styles, features, and upgrades to choose from. Prices start at $2,700.

(Edited from this post originally published 09.26.06)


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