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Since the times when Samurai wandered the streets, Tokushima prefecture’s name has been known all over Japan for its wood products. Having its origins especially from old Buddhist altars and make-up tables, the expertise born from this trade continues to live on in the many manufacturers of Tokushima. With our prefecture’s expertise, Team Tokushima would like to release an original Tokushima furniture brand. It is designed for a changing, modernized lifestyle. We produce tables, chairs, traditional sliding doors, paper doors and furniture made by solid fancy wood by the best of each of our prefecture’s companies. We believe sharing the best we have within our team, we can offer the best to the world and provide a unique, high-end lifestyle. In July 2009, Team Tokushima was created by Tokushima prefecture bringing four companies together with the goal of showcasing modern Japanese furniture to the world as “Tokushima Modern”. There is great craftsman’s spirit residing in these works that symbolizes the classic samurai spirit of traditional Japan. From the skills and experiences gained over the long historical past, Team Tokushima will create and present “Tokushima Modern”.