TEEbooks Customizable Invisible Shelving by Mauro Canfori

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Store History

  • Founded: 2009
  • Founded by: Mauro Canfori
  • Headquarters: Nice, France



Often the books we put on shelves are far more beautiful than the shelves themselves. TEEbooks shelving systems allow your books to take center stage, becoming invisible when filled up with books and CDs.TEEbooks, designed by Mauro Canfori, come in a variety of interesting modular components to create original shelving compositions. You can also choose different colors and models to create a design of your own. These lightweight shelving systems seem like they would be appropriate in a variety of spaces because they become whatever you choose to fill them with!

See the full line of shapes and colors (or create your own custom shelving systems) at TEEbooks.

Images: Edith Andreotta for TEEbooks

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