TerraFab Architectural Fabrication

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TerraFab Architectural Fabrication's focus is on high quality, one-off furniture pieces, to the commercial design trade. By crafting our work from a variety of materials, TerraFab can create or re-create furniture from "old world" to modern styles. TerraFab also accepts commissioned pieces from individuals on a limited basis. With the same attention to detail and use of unique materials that is the trademark of our craft.

We love big, sturdy furniture. Not to say we don't like a delicate design every now and then, but we really love when a furniture piece looks as strong as it is. We found some great, sturdy-looking pieces being manufactured by a local Austin company.

TerraFab Architectural Fabrication focuses on creating one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are of a high-quality. The designers create pieces in a number of styles, from a sort of "old world" look to a more modern, contemporary and streamlined look. TerraFab also works on commissioned pieces for individual clients. We enjoy the slightly industrial-look to some of their pieces and like how they experiment with a number of different materials. We really love that big, sturdy wood coffee table the best. Though big, it just has such a strong and dynamic look.

What do you think about big, sturdy furniture? Have you ever successfully pulled off owning a big, over-sized piece of furniture, even if you have a small space?

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