The CleanWell Company: Green Antibacterial Sanitizers

The CleanWell Company: Green Antibacterial Sanitizers

Sarah Coffey
May 6, 2008

CleanWell antibacterial products were invented by a family whose son was born with a rare immunodeficiency that made him extremely sensitive to germs. The family found that toxic agents in everyday cleaning products exacerbated the problem, so they developed a homemade formula using naturally germ-resistant ingredients like thyme and oregano. It worked so well that they decided to develop the formula into a mass-marketable green cleanser...

Working with an environmental microbiology lab, they developed a green cleanser that kills 99.9 percent of germs without the use of harmful chemicals. The main ingredient omitted from the mix is triclosan - a potential carcinogenic compound found in most antibacterial cleaners. CleanWell carries hand sanitizers and soaps in lavender, orange vanilla, and ginger bergamot scents.

For more information, visit CleanWell's site.

Found via Dwell.

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