The Clearing House, South Hampton

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The Clearing House is a consignment shop located in the Hamptons. The shop collects their inventory from local homes and estate sales and makes fine furnishings available at a discounted price. They have two large shops - one in Southampton and one in Greenport.

Both shops resell furniture, lighting, rugs, antiques and collectibles. They also host on-site estate sales, where you attend sales hosted by the shop within the selling estate. Deeper discounts can be had at the second floor's No Place Like Home Foundation thrift shop. The thrift shop donates home furnishings, clothes, children toys, etc. to those in need.

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We learned about The Clearing House through the Odegard Hamptons Sale that's coming up on August 23-26, open to the public. You can really save 80% on Odegard rugs. We've been to their sales in the city and were not disappointed.

Also, for moving month, note that the shop apparently has an impeccable moving and delivery service for customers who purchase from them. The service is so good that, due to customer requests, they have made the service available to all for their personal moving needs, even when a purchase has not been made from the shop. These are specialists who are professionals at moving fine furniture.

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