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  • Founded by: Jules Pieri
  • Headquarters: Lexington, Massachusetts

Daily Grommet is a marketplace of fresh product discoveries, powered by Citizen Commerce™. It’s a revolutionary way to give each of us the information to support the companies, people and products that reflect our own values. Whether it’s a love of innovative design, social and green enterprises, hand crafted goods, a quest for unique gifts, or a desire to support new technologies, Daily Grommet has an inspiring set of stories and products to fill that need.

With the proliferation of new shopping sites, there are few that curate their products and suppliers as much as Daily Grommet. This week, I had the chance to sit down with founder Jules Pieri, who explained that she and her team pick stores or manufacturers whose products they like, then work with those people to tell their stories to shoppers.

Daily Grommet is an affiliate model, and the team picks the companies they want to work with. They search for "innovative design, social and green enterprises, hand crafted goods... and new technologies." When they find a company they like, the team works with the company to produce a "grommet" — a two-minute video that explains what makes the product unique.

A new video goes up on the site each day, and an email goes out to anyone who signs up for it (a la Daily Candy). Buyers can purchase products directly through the site, then items are drop-shipped to the consumer, with the DG team serving as customer service reps.

Readers can also suggest Grommets they'd like to see featured. Jules Pieri calls this relationship between buyers and sellers "Citizen Commerce" — the team asks readers for tips (anyone can submit a tip here) and then posts those products in their Citizens' Gallery.

Any Daily Grommet shoppers out there? Share your experience in the comments below.

Anywhere Ventless Fireplaces, starting at $200
Joseph Joseph Double Dish, $18
Vers Audio Sound System, $200
Charlie's Soap Laundry Powder and All-Purpose Detergent, $10
Marja Design Table Runner or Trivet, $17
Boskke Sky Planter, starting at $10
Glassbaby Handblown Colored Glass Votive Holder, $40
California Vines Reclaimed Wine Barrel Lazy Susan Server, $95
Wonder Thunder Reusable Produce Bags, $20
The Right Mat — Reclaimed Fishing Rope Mats, $55