The Dock Downtown: Sofas

The Dock Downtown: Sofas

Laure Joliet
Feb 1, 2008
Store closed

We often mention The Dock Downtown in our Sales calendar since they always seem to have something on an even deeper discount than normal. And lately with Paris on our minds we did a double take when we found their Marais Sofa online.

We hate to admit it, but somehow we seem to forget about The Dock as a resource when it comes to buying bigger pieces. But when we checked out the sofas on the website we decided to rethink our position. The Marais Sofa on the bottom in the picture is so perfectly French and comfy (and we love the natural linen (?) fabric on it) that it made us dive deeper. The when we saw the Avalon sofa, a great 60's era simple design, we realized we've been doing ourselves a disservice by not checking out the Dock for sofas. And since this weekend is the last 2 days of their red tag sale, now is their perfect place to start.

Have you ever bought a larger piece from the Dock? We've browsed their giant warehouse and have been impressed with their selection and, on the surface, the quality of the furniture they're selling (particularly the armoires and shelving systems). One of the offices we used to work in outfitted their whole space with furniture from the Dock and it seemed to hold up well.

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