The Drugstore: Vintage Lamps & Decor

  • Location: San Francisco, CA
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Inspiration. Two weeks ago we got the sweetest email from a reader in San Francisco:

Dear Apartment Therapists,

I've been reading you regularly since I got laid off from my corporate job a few months ago. I've thought for years about having a vintage lamp store, and last night I signed a contract to rent a space in a co-op shop here in S.F. My "store" is opening next week.

But in any case, I wanted to say thanks for the inspiration.


We have been inspired by so many people and are honored to have had a small part in Lesley's store. Follow your heart! Work hard!

The Drugstore opened last week in SF, and it looks great:

See the Drugstore slideshow

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Selling vintage decor and lamps, "all lamps are refurbished with new cord, plug and felt, or completely rewired if needed. They all have either new shades or undamaged, unstained original shades. This means one can buy a vintage lamp without it becoming another project that sits at the back of a closet."

Can you believe how quickly this girl works? We wish The Drugstore the best of luck! MGR

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