The Foundary: Flash Sale Shopping from Hayneedle

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Store History

  • Founded: 2010
  • Founded by: Hayneedle Stores
  • Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska

The Foundary scours the globe to introduce members to designers and brands whose products are not only stylish and of lasting value with prices up to 70% off retail, but that spark the mind and help turn a house into a home. By visiting The Foundary, shoppers are invited to enjoy a free membership that allows them to receive daily emails featuring new, limited-time sales events. Exclusive sales events are announced daily, typically starting at 11 a.m. ET. Each announcement generally includes four or more different sales events, offering selections of products from a variety of home living categories. The majority of The Foundary sales events last three days (72 hours) or while limited supplies last. The Foundary was launched in 2010 by Hayneedle, a leading online home furnishings and lifestyle products retailer, to further realize its vision of connecting people with the home and lifestyle products that are perfect for them.

Online, email-driven Flash Sales have become so popular recently that big established companies have gotten in on the action, and it's interesting to see how some of these e-commerce megastores rebrand themselves for a younger demographic. Overstock did it with Eziba, and now Hayneedle — the huge network of affordable mainstream furniture sites — has launched the Foundary.

While Hayneedle's aesthetic seems to cater to a no-frills customer who's looking for the best price on something, the Foundary markets itself with brand names and a trendier look. They also recently launched a "Designer's Gallery," where independent designers and artists are featured in short videos posted online.

The tone is less middle-of-the-road than Hayneedle — their site advertises its niche-ness: "Every once in a while, a product emerges from the stagnant mainstream to capture the imagination of our buyers. These folks see a lot of ordinary in their day-to-day, so when they spot something transformative, they have a cultivated ability to recognize it."

Like most Flash Sale sites, the Foundary requires members to sign up so they can be alerted about new sales via email. Sales run for a limited time, and once a product sells out, it's gone. A recent peek turned up the products shown above and linked below.

These are examples of the type of merchandise listed, but these specific items may or may not be available at any given time, since the Foundary's sales last only 72 hours, or until items sell out.

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• Tibet Cabinet by Treasured Tables, $1075 $650
• Totally Bamboo Dominica Cutting Board, $39 $22
• Totally Bamboo Kitchen Cart, $999 $599
• Tribeca Wall Art by Uptown Artworks, $500 $275
• Dylan Reclaimed Dining by Treasured Tables, $877 $550
• Emporer 4-Cup French Press by miam.miam, $59 $32
• Posh Plaid Mug and Saucer Set of 4 by miam.miam, $69 $30
• 6.25 in. Ceramic Pitcher by Birdhouse, $17 $12
• Washington DC Pillow by Uptown Artworks, $130 $70
• Grey Bamboo King Sheet Set, $135 $75