The Goodhood & Goodhood Life Store

  • Location: London & online
  • Specialty: Modern design home goods
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range - ($$$) High-End
  • Website:

Store History

  • Founded: 2007

The Goodhood Store opened its doors on a backstreet in Hoxton, Shoreditch in September 2007. Started as a self initiated, self funded project to curate some of the finest clothing collections and objects from around the world, it’s initial purpose was to support like minded brands from around the world who shared our ideas of independence, exclusivity and quality. Shortly there after came the webstore which has grown to becoming an industry leading website and along with the store carries some of the worlds most prestigious lines. An ongoing collaboration with R. Newbold started in 2008 and reaching into it’s 4th year has been an integral part of defining the Goodhood Store aesthetic; each season a capsule collection is produced offering The Goodhoods Stores own take on the effortlessly style now synonymous with the store. In December 2010 the store expanded onto 2 floors so that dedicated space could be offered to both men and women. Early 2011 saw the opening of a new studio space called The Goodhood Workshop housing our own offices as well as an exhibition space in conjunction with Galeries Goldsein (G.A.G), which plays host to new and thought provoking exhibitions as well as one off launches like the U.K launch of the Carhartt Heritage line. The Goodhood Store remains unique in it’s brand identity, it’s culture, it’s level of service and as a space men and women can both find the best of a worldwide curated selection of goods.

The Goodhood Store has been selling clothing and accessories for men and women since '07 but this year saw the launch of their Life Store, stocked with fresh and funky goods to outfit the home. The folks behind The Goodhood Store set out to be the destination for design in London's East End. Luckily for those of us who don't get the UK often (or ... ever) they also have a great web shop. 

Name/Title: Jo Sindle/Co-founder

Launch date: The Goodhood Store opened in 2007, and the recent addition, The Goodhood Life Store, selling interior goods, opened in March this year.

Inspiration for opening: We travelled a lot in our old jobs and wanted to find all that we coveted from around the world - Japan, the US and everywhere else, under one roof in London, and specifically in Shoreditch where there were few stores at that time. We wanted it to be the destination store for London's East End.  

Merchandise source: Everywhere and anywhere, from travels, books, markets... just wherever we see anything we like and want to share with our customers.

Best selling item: Our own label, Goods by Goodhood.

Your favorite item: The Gelchop Log stool.

Favorite store (other than your own): For Interiors and homeware I totally love Tortoise General Store on Abbot Kinney in Venice, LA. For clothing Beams Boy and Kapital in Tokyo are my absolute favourites. I wish they were all on my doorstep.

(Images: The Goodhood Store)