The Laundry Spa

The Laundry Spa

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 2, 2005
Store closed

EZ. We hear about The Laundry Spa yesterday, and found ourselves being sucked in by its charms.

Nancy says: They do your laundry and return it shrink wrapped and snuggly fit in a really cute laundry bag that looks like a tote. I just got my clothes back yesterday and I just can't get over how great they look!!

The Laundry Spa is for those busy professionals who want a little pampering in yet another part of their busy lives - who doesn't? Started by two busy lawyers, the service sets itself apart through its snappy but not snobby presentation, empasis on ease and perfectly folded and SCENTED laundry. The price? It's not entirely clear, but the minimum order is $25. If you have to ask..... (Thanks, Nancy!) MGR

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