The Loaded Trunk

Store History

  • Founded: 2009
  • Founded by: Roni Jaco

Every piece selected for The Loaded Trunk embodies my approach to life: rich artistic tradition, creativity and craftsmanship. I believe that both traditional techniques and new interpretations of old traditions bring immeasurable beauty and warmth into the home. Working with a global network of artisans and designers I have each piece created specifically for The Loaded Trunk, otherwise I am buying from a local market across the globe. I believe in supporting the local economy throughout my travels: fair trade matters. For these reasons, only limited quantities are available for most items, and exact pieces may not be restocked once they’re sold. I consider The Loaded Trunk my global dinner party.

Founded by global shopper Roni Jaco, the Loaded Trunk is an online source for textiles, artwork, and housewares. As an Army brat, Roni grew up abroad, surrounded by "treasures and people and food from other countries." That early interest in cultural immersion led to her newest venture, which launched this past July.

Roni sent us an email explaining the methods she uses to collect her inventory. "I am one woman 'shopping the globe' and then sharing my finds and passions through my website. The travel I do by myself, with little more than a plane ticket and a rough itinerary."

"The Loaded Trunk features collections and treasures that I have hunted for – and personally hauled around in overweight suitcases – during many lifetime jaunts all over the world. Everything on the site has been purchased by me directly from the country, village, co-op or artist who made it – every bead, textile, ceramic, etc."

Textiles range in price from $100 to $400; rugs cost anywhere from $900 to $1,500; and housewares start at $25. Definitely check out the selection of Suzanis, Mexican bedspreads, and Herki rugs from Turkey.