The Magazine

Before there was DWR, before there was Design Public, there was The Magazine.

Founded in 1990 to supply its clients, both in the Bay Area and online, with the hottest modern furniture, rumor has it that The Magazine blew through millions of dollars setting up their business. It has since earned the distinction -- over a decade later -- of being one of many modern shops (and, unfortunately, the one with the ugliest website). However...

...they have forged relationships with some of the biggest design houses: Cappellini, Herman Miller, Alessi, etc., and they have a remarkably broad collection of classic mid-century design and contemporary pieces. They're worth a stop on any modern shopping tour.

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Cappellini Juli Chairs
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Artifort Isabel sofa
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Alessi Blow Up Table
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Hansine Pedersen Goran Tsunami Carpet

(Edited from this post originally published 06.01.06)

09/08 Update: Please see this post.