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  • Founded: 2003

The Picturewall Company was founded to solve one of the most common decorating problems that befalls us all. Arranging and hanging a world class gallery to display our prized photos. It seems like it should be simple enough to create a beautiful gallery but man is it tough to do... right! No half measures here... we want the ENTIRE experience to be painless. From choosing the color and size moulding that's right for your space, ordering online, receiving it as promised and easily putting it up in a few minutes.

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For lazy bones who want a fail-safe way to hang pictures, here is your dream come true. The Picture Wall Company has solved the problem and sells everything you need to hang a group of pictures in perfect formation. Only in America. Their motto: "Doing one thing well!".

Their Perfect Picturewall™ Series 1000 ($349) provides you with a pre-set grouping of frames (two styles: one for up the stairs and one for a regular wall) and all the doo-dads you need to site and hang them.

Their website is extremely well laid out and has pictures explaining everything. The frames can be purchased in a number of finishes and frame widths. And for those who want to hang things on the wall and don't have anything to hang, they will provide pictures to put in the frames as well! (Thanks, es!)

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