The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled

Jun 19, 2007

"...And that has made all the difference." The famous phrase from Robert Frost really sums up the mission of store owner Delilah Snell and her store The Road Less Traveled, in Santa Ana. The Road Less Traveled is a small boutique that focuses on providing eco-friendly lifestyle products. Delilah opened the store last year after feeling a void in stores that would help customers get products that were healthy to both humanity and the environment. All of the products sold are either of non-toxic/organic sources, recycled content, sustainable/easily renewable materials, and/or fair trade.

One of the hot ticket items in the store is the gorgeous La Chamba Pottery. This collection of hand-built cookware is made of black clay in Colombia. They are lead free and work great in the microwave, stove, and oven.

They also carry a great selection of other household items, including vintage glasses filled with soy wax and essential oils (which they'll refill for $10) and 100% bamboo fiber blankets and kitchen towels. They also have a few amazing hand crafted furniture pieces. There's even a whole room with some cool fashions for men, women, and kids as well.

Another great resource at The Road Less Traveled is that they carry Green Planet Paints. The paints are soy-based resin, which Delilah says "are the easiest thing to cover your walls. I tell everyone to open the sample pots because they smell like nothing! They have great colors that give a hand-built feeling to the space. They're washable, vibrant and total creamy goodness!"

In addition to products, The Road Less Traveled has also partnered with Path, which offers green design services and furniture, and is run by local interior designer Rachel Hulan.

Delilah is a joy to talk to, and she really makes you feel like a person, as opposed to just a wallet. The Road Less Traveled is filled with unique items that all have a soul and a story, and you'll leave with something you can definitely feel good about.

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