The Wooden Duck

The Wooden Duck

Cambria Bold
Sep 9, 2008
While there are plenty of new green furniture resources popping up now, The Wooden Duck is still one of our favorites. The store has been outfitting homes with recycled wood furniture since 1995. Initially, The Wooden Duck specialized in teak from Indonesia, but they've since expanded to include pieces made locally in their Berkeley factory as well as furniture imported from other countries.

The Wooden Duck's mission is to offer their customers high quality, simply styled furniture while maintaining their commitment to the environment. They do this by exclusively using reclaimed timber and recycled materials. Their pieces draw inspiration from Shaker, Craftsman, Modern and Asian styles, and are beautiful and functional.

Cordova Bed (Recycled Douglas Fir)

Nevada Table (Recycled Douglas Fir)

The Wooden Duck also has a location in San Rafael.

(Edited from this post originally published 7.30.07)