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Taz ah Mugs by Attua Aparicio Torinos
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"I sincerely apologise for all the trouble I've caused." Those are not our words, rather they are the words on a rubber "honesty" stamp that we saw in today's Times (via The Times). But to the point, Mallery Roberts Lane spots a cool new design source in this week's Currents (via The Times). Thorsten van Elten, 36, started his company, Thorsten van, when he grew frustrated by how little support new designers had.

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Traditional Irish Welcome by Peter Mac Cann

He finds, manufactures and sells a wide range of work like the "Honesty" Stamp (quoted above) and the Books-To-Go shelving unit pictured right. These are just the beginning. On his site are nearly 80 products, all original and interesting, which have been designed by his small stable of favorite designers. Problems? Most items are sold at shops in England (the stamps are available at Matter in Brooklyn), but some are available via mailorder. It won't be long until they get here. MGR

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Stamp Cups by Barnaby Barford and Valeria Miglioli (Make a stamp with your own coffee and tea drips)
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Mouse in a Pint by Roger Arquer (Non-lethal mouse trap)
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Is That Plastic? by Yoyo Ceramics (It's a range of ceramic products that are reminiscent of classic Tupperware.)

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