Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers: Simple, graceful Wood Furniture from Maine

We got a postcard from Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers, based out of Maine (our favorite state) and everything looked good enough to eat.

They use no stains or laquers, instead opting to polish and rub with heated linseed oil and wax. Exposed joints are the only ornamentation the company believes in, and each piece is signed by the cabinetmaker who built the piece.

The Vita Lounge ($4,100) has a look that fits in the most updated home, but it's the detail, not the designer tag that makes it so high-end.

Spending $600 on a stool is insane, but this Coal Shovel Stool is another piece that feels so simple without seeming "plain" or "county".

Thos. Moser does have showrooms, but none in our fair town, so go online where you can almost smell the Cherry wood being sanded.