Thread Collective

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Well Woven. Bought an apartment? Need an architect? Want to do something interesting? If you are young (in spirit), hip and looking to creatively deal with New York's tight spaces as well as inject cool materials into your new home, we recommend checking out Thread Collective.

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A true collective wth three principals - Mark Mancuso, Gita Nandan & Elliot Maltby - Thread Collective is an emerging rock band on the architecture scene. With two architects - Mark and Gita - and one landscape architect - Elliot - Thread is creative, takes risks with materials and creates one-off spaces to fulfill their owner's wilder dreams.

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They are behind the design for Amy's Micro Palace on Mott Street and a number of other projects, including a huge minimalist Brooklyn live/work space in our slideshow.

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"Exploring the seams between building, art and landscape," Thread's projects all look different, but have a funky signature style embedded within their space saving devices and a luxurious use of organic raw materials.

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Think of them as Clodagh with an edge and without all the fusty, bland colors.... MGR

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