Tiny McSmall

Tiny McSmall

Julia Cho
Oct 31, 2007

Tiny McSmall is different from your average trendy baby gear store. One of our fellow AT'rs spotted a review of this store on Jordan's blog, and we're so glad she brought it to our attention. When the founder had her own children, she started to slow down and find "quiet beauty in the everyday." So, she decided to create a company that reflected life's simple pleasures.

The items you'll find here are handcrafted in the US or Europe. Tiny McSmall carries a few items you'll recognize like Zid Zid Kids and Binth posters. But we found a few artists we weren't familiar with that are creating really great stuff.

For example, we love this custom name print by Ida Pearle. She uses handmade and origami papers and you can customize skin tone, hair color, and of course name. A matted print is 13" x 13" and will cost you $70.

Ida also created these charming alphabet cards. They would look so great strung across a wall or in a playroom. Each picture corresponds to a letter of the alphabet.

Crocheted toys certainly are big these days, but we've never seen a telephone. This handmade telephone by Anne-Claire Petit actually has a bell inside the receiver. We were on our little plastic pink phone for hours as a child, but it was pretty ugly. This one would make a lovely decoration on her bedside table.

Petit also has a few other items on the Tiny Mcsmall website. These Crochet Rabbit Rattles are another of our favorites. Choose from white, chocolate, or orange.

Thanks for the tip Faith!

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