Toddler Pillows from Fabricadabra

Store History

  • Founded: 2008
  • Founded by: Donna Halloran
  • Headquarters: Northborough, MA

What I am offering you is high quality natural and pesticide-free textiles that shouldn't offend your sense of beauty, function, and compassion. This offering is just a humble attempt to share my passion and values.

Cute, cute, cute. Donna Halloran of Fabricadabra makes decorative pillow covers that use all natural and non-toxic dyes and fabrics, most of which are handwoven. We were browsing through her site when we came across these Toddler Pillows. Made of certified organic cotton with 100% bamboo fabric underlining, kapok filling, and all non-toxic pigments, they would be totally cute in a nursery. Okay, okay... so we might put one in our bedroom or living room, too. She has a lot of other designs...

The designer, Donna Halloran, has worked her whole life in the textile industry, but only recently decided to design and manufacture products using only natural, non-toxic, and organic ingredients. She is a "proponent for all that is pure, beautiful, respectful and that lets [you] rest at night." If you're in the market for some new pillows, you should definitely check out her website. Her pillow covers collection is quite varied and includes textile designs such as ikats, suzanis, batiks and tie-dyes, and African mudcloth.

The Toddler Pillows are made of organic cotton and go for $66 each.

See more at her website.