TOKEN: Furniture from Will Kavesh & Emrys Berkower

Designer Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 2007
  • Founded by: Will Kavesh & Emrys Berkower
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

TOKEN is a Brooklyn based studio that provides design, development and manufacturing solutions for architects, designers and curious individuals. Observation and a careful consideration of function, structural ingenuity, material dynamics and aesthetic coherence are all important characteristics of our practice. Being curious individuals ourselves, we began developing TOKENnyc in 2009. The result is a collection of historically reverent, handcrafted furniture and lighting products; a distilled representation of TOKEN which aims to provide elements for purposeful, considered living.

What you see above (besides a young woman climbing a shelf) is the XDesign Environmental Health Clinic at NYU, where design/build studio TOKEN created a custom wall of heavy-duty shelving from acrylic and powdercoated steel. Principals Will Kavesh and Emrys Berkower use their work to explore what they call "function, structural ingenuity, material dynamics and aesthetic coherence."

Based in Brooklyn, the pair met at Alfred University in 1992, graduated, and went their separate ways. 13 years later, they reconnected and began throwing ideas around. In 2007, they formed TOKEN, an interdisciplinary firm whose work spans the fields of interior design, furniture making, lighting, fine art, and manufacturing.

They work on commission and sell finished work through their studio — for more information, pricing or availability, check out

1-2 Custom Shelving for XDESIGN Lab
3 Tree Balance for XDESIGN
4 GreenLight for XDESIGN
5 Token Lounge
6 Bell Kelp Pendant
7 Morris Side Table
8 The Study Desk
9 The Spiranovich Console
10 Will Kavesh & Emrys Berkower

Photos: Token