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Bridgett tipped us off to Tonic Living. It's a web-only family owned buisness located on Toronto.

From their "about us" section: "We believe in Karma and expect that it be reflected in our customer service and products. We treat others how we like to be treated. We design and choose our products with a contemporary lifestyle in mind. We hope that they bring new life and energy to your living space which makes us an overall "Tonic" for your life!"

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The across-the-border-ness of it all seems to be no problem - prices and shipping are listed in both CAD and USD, which is wonderful, since this looks to be a good source for fun home fabrics for diy-ers or Tonic-made pillows and futon covers for the rest of us.

Check below the jump for some pattern pics...

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Dandy Damask in Passion: 8.95 USD per yard

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Left Bank in Melon : 8.95 USD per yard

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Toss Pillow in Water, Sage and Gray: $24.95 USD

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Hollywood in Black: 8.95 USD per yard

(Thanks, Bridgett!)


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