Tubor Radiators

Tubor Radiators

Regina Yunghans
Feb 8, 2007
We saw one of Tubor's latest radiator designs in Interior Design magazine and were thrilled to see you can purchase from them online!

Maybe it's the complete novelty of these designer radiators, maybe it's the persistent freezing cold outside, but we're enthused by what we see here.

Klobs, the blobby, additive radiator shown above is a funny favorite. Also of note is the modular aluminum design, Domino, that first caught our eye in Interior Design. You have to register to shop online, but it may be worth it if you're in the market for a special new heat source.

The mirror-and-radiaotr-and-digital-clock-in-one design, One, has garnered much attention in the last year, too, for its ability to do it all.

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