Old-School Turntables and Radios from Crosley

Old-School Turntables and Radios from Crosley

Sarah Coffey
May 6, 2008

Store History

  • Founded: 1920
  • Founded by: Powel Crosley
  • Headquarters: Louisville, Kentucky

If you love old-school radios and turntables, but you don't want to sort through broken models in a thrift store, Crosley still makes the real thing, just newer. They dub the CR221 Solo radio (shown above) "new-stalgic" - a mix of modern acoustics and mid-century style...

The CR221 Solo is $129.95. We also like their portable turntables, which include a USB model that transfers your vinyl into digital files. Our favorite (style-wise) is the non-USB Traveler Turntable for $129.95. If you've got a thing for classic phones, you'll also want to check out their telephone selection.

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