Twig: Tiny Terrariums with Personality

Store History

  • Founded by: Michelle Inciarrano & Katy Maslow
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn

Twig Terrariums is a verdant, Brooklyn, New York based venture, sprung from the minds of two old friends, Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow. We create moss terrariums and other small worlds in antique, vintage, and new glass containers, apothecary jars, science glass, kitchenware, and any odd glass objects we find on our travels. Each Twig Terrarium contains a very special scene using miniature figurines to complete your little green landscape – from idyllic pastoral scenes with cows and horses to angry punk rockers and Central Park muggings.

These personality-laden terrariums from Twig remind me of some our mom used to make when I was growing up. She used to collect ceramic animals, moss and stones and put them together in oddly shaped jars. Twig's terrariums are mossy little worlds inside antique and unusual containers. When you peek inside, you find miniature scenes that make you smile.

I first saw these charming terrariums at the Brooklyn Flea Market while I was on vacation earlier this year and fell in love. Inside each unusual jar is a small green world complete with a landscape played out from our daydreams — from cows and park benches to kids standing on their heads. For almost any occasion (especially for someone that you miss), they would make a special gift, and are surprisingly easy to maintain once you get the hang of it. You can sometimes find Twig at the Brooklyn Flea Market — see Twig Terrarium for dates — or order terrariums as kits to make and assemble yourself.

Images: Twig

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