Twisted Twee

Twisted Twee

Janie Lee
Mar 9, 2007

A dose of irreverence and a dollop of humor. Sometimes that's what you need as a parent.

And that's what you can expect from the offerings at Twisted Twee, a London based online retailer of twisted items for you and your little ones.

Take for instance, the Mannequin Doll, ugly, cute and stylish all at the same time. The doll is 3 1/2' tall, comes in a variety of patterns, and can be dressed in a twisted twee of your choice.

The ID Tee is funny but also a great idea. It comes personalized with your child's name and your phone number just in case she gets lost at a "holiday, festivals or IKEA." It goes for £25.

Our final favorites are the Merit Badges. For £6 you get a set of 3 that brags about your child's achievement in areas such as histrionics. Slightly cruel but still funny.

Twisted Twee also has a unique collection of baby clothing. They ship to the States for £5 (a little less than $10) - a good deal.

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