Uhuru Furniture and Collectibles

Uhuru Furniture and Collectibles

Feb 14, 2008
The perfect place to hunt for your next rehab project (to get a headstart for next year's January Jumpstart perhaps?) or find a hidden gem in already perfect condition, Uhuru Furniture and Collectibles is one of our go-to stores when we just want to browse for ideas. A non-profit raising funds for the African People's Defense Fund, the Oakland store has lasted through two decades of change in the Grand Lake neighborhood, becoming somewhat of a neighborhood institution.

Low prices and a steady stream of donations keep the inventory turnaround speedy - if you see something you want, grab it. Nothing catching your eye? Come back next week and you just might find what you've been looking for.

There's so much inventory that furniture spills out onto the sidewalk, and more than once we've pulled the car over after spotting something enticing while driving by.

While donations tend to run toward the traditional side, we've definitely spotted some modern masterpieces there. And if you want to save yourself a trip, check out Uhuru's blog, where they periodically post new pieces.

There are also Uhuru Furniture stores in Philadelphia and St Petersburg, Florida.

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