Uncle Fun

Location: Chicago, IL
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Uncle Fun is not (just) a toy store. Walking into this shop is like walking into an 8-year-old's garage sale (if that 8-year-old was actually 33, with a discriminating eye for kitsch and an obsessive-compulsive disorder).
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It's the perfect place to find party favors, gag gifts, and lost youth. It's especially conducive for Halloween inspiration! No matter what you discover (and instantly can't live without), it'll be a bargain, as most items cost under $5.

Although Uncle Fun is most certainly a place to experience in person, jump down for some photos and a sample list of their ever-changing and hilarious stock...

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• Che Guevara Band-aid Tins
• Coffee Table Books ("JFK and Art" to Boy Band biographies)
• Drawers labeled "Snakes & Grooms" and "HUGE Rooster"
• Bobble Heads
• Paper Dolls

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• "Understanding Modern Art" Breath Spray
• Postcards, Postcards, Postcards!
• "Martha Stewart Living" (baggies filled with miniature gardening utensils)
• Playboy Bunny Gift Wrap
• Brady Bunch Action Figures

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• Vintage Candy
• Bacon-Shaped Luggage Tags
• Eames Address Books
• Things That Squirt