Unearthed Paints: Natural Paints, Plasters & Finishes

Store Profile

  • Location: online only
  • Specialty: Natural paints made out of earth and mineral pigments, clay, marble, lime, and chalk.
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range
  • Website: unearthedpaints.com

Store History

  • Founded by: Florian Speier and Jessica Pfohl
  • Headquarters: Louisville, Colorado

Unearthed Paints is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 2011 by husband and wife team Florian Speier and Jessica Pfohl. Frustrated with the greenwashing and lack of ingredient transparency in the paint industry, the couple founded Unearthed to provide consumers with the most sustainable, healthiest paints available on the market. Unearthed paints have been used by many people in Germany and other countries around the world for almost 30 years (under the name Kreidezeit), and they are now available in the U.S. for the first time.

Unearthed Paints is a family owned and operated company based in Louisville, Colorado. Unlike conventional paint which uses petrochemical or synthetic ingredients, Unearthed Paints' zero-VOC products are made with raw ingredients such as clay, chalk, marble, and earth and mineral pigments.

All Unearthed paints, plasters, and wood finishes are vegan, which means they do not contain animal products and have never been tested on animals. Their full line of products include paints, plasters, wood finishes, primers and thinners, bulk pigment, and shielding paint. All the products are made in Germany, where they were sold for over 30 years under the name Kreidezeit, and then shipped to Colorado using energy-efficient, carbon-offset shipping. (This is also the reason many of the paints are sold in powder form, as the cost of shipping powder is significantly less energy-intensive than shipping pre-mixed liquid paints. Shipping powdered paints also allows the company to sell products that do not contain chemical preservatives, as powdered paint can be stored without spoiling for several years.)

Clay paint starts at $49 per gallon; Vega paint starts at $39 per gallon; Plasters start at $29 and Wood Finishes start at $15.

Image via Unearthed Paints