Unknown Prints Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 2011
  • Founded by: Gavin Smith
  • Headquarters: London, UK

UnknownPrints.com was setup out of frustration over the lack of quality affordable art available to consumers. There were either expensive one off pieces or the same old images on poor quality posters. Think 'Dogs playing poker'. So why UnknownPrints.com? ‘Unknown’ came from that the website is used for unknown or up and coming artists/designers who want to either earn a bit of money for the hobby they love or for exposure. Most of us at some point have taken 'that' photo only for it to be stored on the computer and never to be printed, or produced that piece of work in Photoshop only for it to be shown to friends and family and we want to change that. We make prints from A5 to A1 on matt or gloss paper and the option of a border relative to the print size chosen. If you find for example that an A1 print is just too big and an A2 too small then you can choose an A1 print with a border that can then be trimmed down to suit your needs without having to crop the artwork. So it truly is a print for every taste and space.