Urban Country

Urban Country

Marcia Prentice
Jan 10, 2011

Store History

  • Founded: 1999
  • Founded by: Casey Hale and Steven H. Schwartz
  • Headquarters: Venice, California
Featured Furniture: c. 1900's 3D human head biology models, c. 1890 circus wood and iron wagon wheel, c. 1920's Articulated French Mannequin, WWII era Army recruiting banner, c. 1930's WPA road project signs, c. 1880 General Store cubbyhole display, Collection of five c. 1920's carnival midway shooting gallery targets, Four civil war era iron cannon balls

Collecting antiques doesn't always have to be a serious hobby. Urban Country doesn't take itself too seriously and if you are looking for objects from carnivals, circuses, sideshow banners, shooting galleries, industrial tables, or primitive folk art you will find it here. Steve Schwartz, one of the owners of Urban Country, was raised scrounging through the dumpsters of Beverly Hills. Casey Hale, the other owner of Urban Country, developed his eye for antiques from working as a shopper for production designers in Seattle and Los Angeles.

Featured Furnishings: c. 1930's Carved and Articulated Lady of the Ozarks, Vintage American Folk Art Biplane Model

Walking in to Urban Country for the first time is like walking into a candy store. Your eye doesn't know where to land and Casey has watched many customers fight the urge to take photos with the antique objects. Urban Country definitely doesn't carry the image of a traditional antique shop. My friend and I both have desk envy for the 1930's industrial factory table. I am adding Urban Country to the top of my favorite antique stores list.

Images: Urban Country and Bethany Nauert

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