Urban Zeal: Vertical Gardens and Living Walls

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  • Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We love plants and their containers. We’ve found that a quality planter can last for years and still look fabulous. We’ve tailored our products so that we only offer well-built planters that are easy to use. All our products are built and shipped from here in the US. Our main passion is finding well-designed planters that can transform a room. With our large selection of vertical gardening planters and systems, it’s easy to find the perfect way to hang your plants on a wall.

If you're shopping for a vertical garden, this site is a comprehensive resource for all kinds of systems. Urban Zeal carries living wall panels by Florafelt, Woolly Wally, and PlantonWalls, ranging in price from $40 to a single-pocket wall planter to $1,700 for a full self-sustaining exterior wall system.

  • Vertical Garden Panels, $60 - $120
    These Florafelt systems are modular planters made from recycled P.E.T plastic felt pockets mounted to a rigid waterproof back.
  • Living Wall Kits, $220 - $570
    These types of systems have a metal frame that supports a living wall — a drainage channel circulates water through the bottom, and the metal frame protects your home by floating the garden away from the wall.
  • Complete Living Wall Systems, $1,230 - $1,650
    These types of systems come with water tanks, pumps, and heaters to regulate the living wall and keep it healthy.
  • Woolly Wally Plant Pockets, $40 - $150
    These are modular felt pocket planters made from 100% recycled plastic. They're small, and you can mount them in groups to a wall.