Utility Canvas Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 1990
  • Founded by: Hal Grano and Jillian Kaufman-Grano
  • Headquarters: NY, NY

Utility Canvas was started in 1990 by Hal Grano and Jillian Kaufman-Grano. Utility canvas products are a result of a synthesis of Kaufman-Grano's background in fashion and Grano's appreciation for the sturdy and useful canvas bags and clothing that he used as a canoe guide in Maine for many summers. The product line started with a Portfolio carry All when Kaufman-Grano needed a bag to carry art supplies and presentation materials together. That is when the 2 found a common passion for canvas, moved to the Hudson Valley, and began living and developing the "utility canvas lifestyle". Simple, practical, versatile designs that never forsake style. Utility Canvas products are all made of the highest quality materials and workmanship.