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New to us, via Love Made Visible, Violet is an online gift shop. The site design brought us in, but what kept us looking were the price points. Most items are under $50. and finding something over $100. was a challenge!

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Non-traditionally organized, the shop displays its wares by choice of occasions, recipients and categories.

One such category titled "At Ease", full of items for the home that would inspire relaxation and rest, includes this ghost teapot with bamboo handle ($42.) and the flowering tea, which blooms as it steeps (10 for $12.).

Other good finds from Violet:

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Set of three "very friendly" tea towels which pose the question: coffee, tea or me? (Amy Sedaris hostess-style perfection!), $38.
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Walnut Roll Top Coffer for hiding odds and ends on a desktop or landing strip, $42.
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A 45-minute timer, so when the sand runs out, you still have 15 minutes before you need to start the next chore!, $22.
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A set of four patterned porcelain cups and saucers, in leaf green or dark brown bark, $22.

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