Voluspa Candles at DNA

Our bathroom doesn't have any windows. To make things worse, to get the humidity out, the light switch also controls the incredibly loud fan. This means that you cannot have the lights on without the fan starting up. There's no room for a tablelamp in the bathroom so this means that if it's time to relax, the use of candles must be employed.

And our very favorite candle to help usher in the spring is the Voluspa pink magnolia scented candle. Yes it sounds fancy doesn't it? It smells perfectly as though we had a blossoming tree outside our nonexistent window. Well we have a little secret to share: we buy them at way below regular price at DNA, a store on Rose Ave that mainly carries clothes. Just as you walk in they have an incredible selection of candles and lotions that anywhere else would be expensive enough for us to pass on, but at DNA they're discounted and we stock up like mad. Do you have an unexpected place to find the things you love (but don't love to pay full price for)?